Thursday, March 14, 2013

British electric foundation

It was only a matter of time, with the expulsion of Parlophone when Universal devoured EMI, that Pet Shop Boys would find themselves a new home for their recordings. And that's exactly what they did recently.

After a staggering 29 year relationship with the iconic UK label, Neil and Chris have parted ways with them and signed a deal with the ever-growing Kobalt Label Services. Such a sexy name, n'est-ce pas? It sounds like they are signed to an insurance company or a car manufacturer. Still, PSB have not had much luck with Parlophone over the last half-decade even in the face of career defining albums like "Yes".

Having just released "Elysium", their eleventh longplayer, only six months ago, ver Boys are on track to release their twelfth elpee, the suitably titled "Electric", this June. And by the sound of the snippet below, it's an electronic album with splashes of Giorgio Moroder, nu disco and trance. An update on the sound that made them popular nearly 30 (*cough*) years ago.

Certainly, it's more dance friendly than its mellowed out predecessor. This should be music to their fans' ears who, in general, found "Elysium" to be rather dull. Personally, I grew to love it after only a handful of listens. It was refreshing to hear PSB wrap themselves in a slightly different sonic soundscape.

Produced by electronic wunderkind, Stuart Price, "Electric" will be accompanied by a tour which is sure to feature quite a few tunes from the album, as well as a helping of songs from "Elysium". Here's a little taster of what to expect from the forthcoming PSB longplayer.


  1. I knew I wouldn't have to wait long for you to weigh in on this potentially cosmic-axis shifting phenomenon! Was it really 29 years with EMI? Surely, that must be some kind of post-Beatles record? In all candor, I never heard of Kobalt Label Services until today when this story broke. You hit that nail on the head! But c'mon Vero! We want the inside perspective! Is it a 360 deal? Are they ALL 360 deals now? Weigh in with some penetrating analysis on the greater implications of it all on Western Civilization.

    I have to say that the trailer is Barnbrook meets Kubrick. Music sounds okay. I'm so far off the map on PSB I'm thinking of selling off my several feet of rare CD singles which have been off-rack for so long I might as well not own them! That DJ International CD3 was going for sweet cash the last time I looked - and I hated those mixes!

  2. Never doubt Messrs. Tennent and Lowe! This will be great!