Monday, March 12, 2012

all I ever wanted

Alphabeat are back, back, BACK! The Danish collective have been busy tinkering in the studio in order to deliver the follow up to "The Spell", their second longplayer. Of course, if you bought that sophomore effort in the UK it was called "The Beat Is...". Christ on a cracker! That was a shit title.

Anyway, the first single from their forthcoming elpee is called "Vacation". Thankfully, it is not a cover of the Go-Go's tune.

Ooh! That's got a fun, fresh, colorful, sunny vibe to it. It's like a scoop of raspberry sherbert! Just in time for an unseasonably warm, springtime winter. Love the cheesy synth horns. Glad to see they didn't go down the electro route. Instead, they revisited the sound of their debut album. Well played!

Look for their third, as-yet-untitled longplayer by the end of the summer.

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