Sunday, February 5, 2012

beside the a-side

Pet Shop Boys pandemonium (Did you see what I did there?) continues as tomorrow marks the release of "Format", their second b-side retrospective. It follows the alternate history of PSB singles from the flipside of 1996 single, "Before", through "Did You See Me Coming?" which was issued in 2009.

Lavish packaging? Check. Interesting commentary? Check. An amazing cavalcade of pop history? Check. Neil and Chris rarely disappoint.

Ever wondered how the b-sides are written and chosen? Check out an intimate chinwag with PSB and take a peek behind their velvet curtain.

The interview was conducted while ver Boys (Hello, "Smash Hits" readers!) took a breather from recording their new longplayer in Los Angeles.

"Format" follows on from their first b-side collection, "Alternative", which was released in 1995.


  1. In spite of 19 years of PSB uninvolvement, I may have to buy this, since PSB always had the best B-sides. Which reminds me, I never bought "Alternative" since I had all of the CD singles the group had issued from day one to the "Very" album. Hmm. I should rectify that as well. I wonder if I can still get the lenticular cover on that one?

    Other great B-side bands? Inxs. Their flipsides [largely quirky solo numbers by the members who never got material on the albums] are what made me a fan after several years of casual indifference. Suede are legendary to me for having more non-LP B-sides than LP tracks! And they kept the quality high as well. I'm sure there are others, but those three come to the fore.

  2. Anxiously awaiting the arrival in the post in America.