Tuesday, August 23, 2011

promises, promises

Swedish DJ maestros, Drop Out Orchestra, have reswizzled, "Promised Land", an often forgotten, late 80s, dance jam by The Style Council, a record which itself was a cover of a Chicago house classic by Joe Smooth.

"Promised Land" was TSC's penultimate single before being shown the door by their record label. Paul Weller went on to tremendous solos success as the godfather of Britpop a few years later. Reinvention is the mother of popular music, my friends.

Well, they've certainly done the business once again. Drop Out Orchestra have taken the original and added tasty bits including a new, funky bass line, horny horns, some whooshes and a few electronic touches. Voilà! A reswizzled revisit of a a record that really should've been a hit upon its release back in 1989.

In a flash of synchronicity, Drop Out Orchestra have just been commissioned to put their delicate touch on Paul Weller's current single, "Starlite".

The sound of PW recapturing a bit of TSC sonic glory. We knew he had it in him.

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  1. Like your style. LOVE THAT YOU QUOTE ABC. Love that you dig Burning The Ground.