Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Beyoncé poses a question

By the looks of things, I do believe Miss Beyoncé has been hanging around that Lady Gaga an awful lot. Seems she's been picking up some of her styling tips, too. B is best when she's just a touch campy and hits you with an uptempo groover. She certainly doesn't disappoint with her latest, "Why Don't You Love Me".

The video is like a late 50s family sitcom crossed with a 70s blacksploitation film. A brilliant juxtaposition of creative ideas.

But is this really another single from the "I Am... Sasha Fierce" project? If it is, it would be the NINTH to be lifted from it, which carries the distinction of possibly having the worst album title ever.


  1. She looks GREAT in the bit with the kitchen and the fire

  2. Beyonce is the only woman in the world who could still look sensational whilst fag reek billows from her nostrils. Amazing.

  3. @ tea lady - Best comment ever!

  4. I find it difficult to work up sympathy for a woman who complains about being unloved when she has ground herself down over the years into being nothing but a series of poses dependent upon men's desires. There just is no self to love there anymore.