Friday, April 20, 2012

let color spew forth

Scissor Sisters, on the verge of unleashing "Magic Hour", their forthcoming, fourth longplayer, have lensed a colorful, equine enhanced video for their current single, "Only The Horses". Let's have a peek.

Nicely shot. I see the often used, spilled paint played in reverse trick is still popular. The single is hugely listenable. Although, I'm still convinced it is stripped of anything resembling the Scissters with the exception of Jake Shears' vocal. Still, a lovely tune which grows with each passing listen.

And if you'd like to know how this modern slab of celluloid was created, here's a short, behind-the-scenes look at the making of it.

The tracksliting for "Magic Hour" has been revealed. And I am pleased to be able to share it with you now.

1. Baby Come Home
2. Keep Your Shoes On
3. Inevitable
4. Only The Horses
5. Year Of Living Dangerously
6. Let’s Have A Kiki
7. Shady Love
8. San Luis Obispo
9. Self Control
10. Best In Me
11. The Secret Life Of Letters
12. Somewhere
13. Ms. Matronic’s Magic Message
14. Fuck Yeah*
15. Let’s Have A Kiki (DJ Nita Remix)*
16. Fuck Yeah (Seamus Haji Remix)*

The asterisk (*) donates the ever growing popularity of the bonus track. Not sure if the three additional tunes are exclusive to a digital retailer or make an appearance on the CD. Either way, I think it would have been nice to add the Seamus Haji remix of "Shady Love" to the tracklisting. I prefer that one to the original. Just my two cents. Regardless, "Magic Hour" will be available in the "shops" on May 25.

And for those who appreciate a little personal anecdote, I'm thrilled to tell you that, as a child, my siblings and I used the word "kiki" when referencing female genitalia. I can hear your satisfaction at being duly informed. I don't suppose the Scissters had that in mind when they recorded the album track, "Let's Have A Kiki". Carry on.


  1. I don't suppose the Scissters had that in mind when they recorded the album track, "Let's Have A Kiki".

    I'm not so sure. It's a pretty popular euphemism. I heard it growing up in Wisconsin and in Wyoming. I wouldn't be surprised if they did know it and used it that way, what with the meaning behind the band name and the general good-natured bawdiness that they portray.

    I'm still looking very forward to the album, but more importantly, I'm looking forward to a US release date. Otherwise, I may have to suck it up and get someone in the UK to snag me a copy.

  2. I heard an interview with Ana where she said "Kiki" was about her drag queen friends, which sounds about right given the word's use on Rupaul's Drag Race. Very excited for the album.

  3. I really like this track. Funny, I was just thinking of SS yesterday, when I saw the new Foster The People video, which uses the movement style from the SS awards performance of "I Can't Think About Dancin'".