Friday, May 4, 2012

the K25 celebration continues

Everyone's favorite Aussie pop rocket, Kylie Minogue, continues her K25 celebration by releasing another hits collection.

"The Best Of Kylie Minogue", a single CD retrospective, will hit the "shops" on June 4 and contains 18 top five UK singles including five number ones. The chart toppers include "Can’t Get You Out Of My Head", "Slow", "Spinning Around", "Tears On My Pillow" and "I Should Be So Lucky".

A deluxe edition of the collection will feature a DVD which will include all the corresponding videos.

Arguments and hair pulling will surely be had when you realize songs like "Shocked", "Hand On Your Heart" and "What Do I Have To Do" have been left off in favor of tracks like "Get Outta My Way", "Red Blooded Woman" and "Wow".

Here’s the full tracklisting for "The Best Of Kylie Minogue".

1. Can’t Get You Out Of My Head
2. Spinning Around
3. I Should Be So Lucky
4. Love At First Sight
5. In Your Eyes
6. Kids
7. Better The Devil You Know
8. All The Lovers
9. Give Me Just A Little More Time
10. Celebration
11. Slow
12. Red Blooded Woman
13. I Believe In You
14. On A Night Like This
15. Confide In Me
16. Get Outta My Way
17. The Loco-Motion
18. Tears On My Pillow
19. Wow
20. In My Arms
21. Never Too Late

And seriously. "Celebration"? Oy.

The timing is a little questionable. Shouldn't this have been released around the time of Lady Minogue's Anti Tour? However, Kylie is scheduled to headline this year’s BBC Proms In The Park on Saturday, September 8 in London's Hyde Park.


  1. Vinny, what songs would you have selected for a single-disc comp? I tried doing it, but...yeah, hard. Plus it's difficult to come up with anything but a chronological sequence, since the PWL singles are so much their own thing.

    1. It's not a terrible selection. As a single CD retrospective, it gives a wonderful overview of her quarter century career.

      Nearly every one of Kylie's singles are special. However, I would've included the three I mentioned. I think the PWL stuff sounds great next to some of her dance oriented singles.

    2. Yeah, looking at it again, I guess I just meant the singles from her debut seem anomalous—I always thought they sound like English is her second language—but Better The Devil You Know, Tears On My Pillow, and the rest slot pretty well beside the rest of her output. (I would've replaced Get Outta My Way and Celebration with Shocked and Hand On My Heart myself.)

      Also, I've been meaning to pass this on through a mutual acquaintance, but I guess this is as good a forum as any—I love this blog. Not only for the updates on longtime favorites like Kylie, Garbage, and the Pet Shops, but up-and-comers like Penguin Prison, Sound of Arrows, and Bright Light2 that, because of you, have become new favorites who've helped keep me going through a couple of extraordinarily difficult years. So thanks for that.

    3. The early PWL singles seemed to get better as her career progressed. By the time "Better The Devil You Know" and "Shocked" were released, each one became an event!

      Thank you for the kind words. Truly great pop music seems to be few and far between these days. It takes some internet exploration and the discovery of something beautiful and new still gives me goosebumps. It's a feeling like I just discovered gold. I love sharing that. Always have.

  2. It's true that selecting the right tracks for a single disc retrospective is tough for such a rich 25 year legacy, however leaving What Do I Have To Do and Shocked in favour of Celebration and Get Outta My Way is criminal. I'll still purchase as the DVD is a nice touch. Thank goodness we can create our own iTunes editions. I adore your blog and look forward to the updates. Such good writing too.

    1. I was shocked at the omissions, too, Andrew! Did you see what I did there? :) However, they managed to touch upon nearly every aspect of her long career which is the purpose of any well produced retrospective.

      Thank you for the kind words regarding the blog. It is a labor of love. Hopefully, updates will be more frequent over the next few weeks. Lots of new stuff on the horizon!

  3. can somebody give me a reason to buy this compilation since I already have Ultimate Kylie? and all of the previous CDs? I thought they'd all be orchestrated like On a Night Like This and Finer Feelings? and how does Timebomb relate to this?

  4. plus, Red Blooded Woman is a classic and a fabulous song which should not be left out for Shocked or some old-school idiotisms just for the sake of them!

  5. I've always been puzzled by Kylie's repertoire anomaly of having two completely different songs with the same title ("Love at first sight"). I can't help thinking that Kylie could have put more attention to that kind of details during her career.