Wednesday, April 4, 2012

blood and garbage

Garbage are back on the scene after a seven year hiatus with "Blood For Poppies", the first single from their forthcoming, fifth, studio longplayer, "Not Your Kind Of People". The single is a return to the their roots which features chainsaw guitars, a dusting of twisted electronics and Shirley Manson's signature vocal sneer.

While the verses are dark and a bit grungy, it lifts into a chorus that's begging to be adorned in Beach Boys harmonies. You can almost hear the band on the knife's edge holding back those tendencies and they deliver it with a just a hint of that surf side vocal influence without ever exploding into a full-on, sunshine hook.

The video for the single, directed by renowned fashion photographer and filmmaker Matt Irwin, is a black and white vamp through the glamorous homes of Los Angeles spliced together with some film noir imagery.

While "Blood For Poppies" has been touted as the first single, it appears the UK will lead with "Battle In Me". Both tracks will be available as limited edition 7" singles which will be exclusively available through brick and mortal retailers for Record Store Day on April 21.

Glad to have the fierce foursome back in the game. And they've returned just in time for the wave of 90s nostalgia which is about to sweep the globe. Come to think of it... Whatever happened to that proposed Shirley Manson solo album? I think we need to give Shirl a little jingle about that.

"Not Your Kind Of People" will be available from all fine "shops" on May 14. The following is the official tracklisting for the elpee.

1. Automatic Systematic Habit
2. Big Bright World
3. Blood For Poppies
4. Control
5. Not Your Kind Of People
6. Felt
7. I Hate Love
8. Sugar
9. Battle In Me
10. Man On A Wire
11. Beloved Freak

The deluxified edition of the album will contain four bonus tracks tagged onto the end of the eleven main tracks.

12. The One
13. What Girls Are Made Of
14. Bright Tonight
15. Show Me

The standard CD will feature a white cover while the limited edition version of the disc will sport a fetching, red sleeve.

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