Friday, April 6, 2012

horsing around

"Only The Horses", produced by synth wizard of the moment, Calvin Harris, is the first single, possibly second, from the forthcoming, fourth longplayer from Scissor Sisters. I say "possibly second" as it is unclear if their previous platter, "Shady Love", will feature on it.

With only two tracks from the latest studio sessions to go by, it's difficult to judge what the album will sound like. But my first reaction is that "Magic Hour", for that is the title of the longplayer, is, essentially, a Jack Shears solo album. Ver Scissters appear to have succumbed to record company pressure in their search for the elusive "hit" and in the process, have been stripped of their sonic identity.

Neither of the recent singles have been bad. Although, I must admit I despised "Shady Love" when I first heard it and it grew on me after numerous listens. They seem to lack the humor and spark that attracted me to the band in the first place.

And have we not had enough of the lyric video promotional concept by now, darlings? Plus, I have a bone to pick with ver Scissters about their single "sleeve". The animal featured in the artwork is a zebra not a horse. I suggest they change the title or replace the animal on the cover. I am a serious advocate when it comes to truth in advertising.

"Only The Horses" will be available from all fine digital retailers on May 13 while the new elpee, "Magic Hour" will hit the "shops" on May 28.


  1. I think you're right Vinny. Only the Horses sounds like it should be "Calvin Harris feat. Jake Shears" instead of Scissor Sisters. I find Only the Horses a bit bland.

  2. It seems like a lot of people (see Madonna: "Girls Gone Wild") are trying to go the safe route to have hit singles, but it doesn't always work out that way. I had nothing against "Fire With Fire" (I actually liked the fact it was one of the few Night Work songs NOT sung in falsetto), but I think it was definitely more safe than the rest of that album. I'm not sure you could call Night Work a commercial success, after all the overthinking and time spent clubbing and writing in Berlin. Maybe the Sisters just decided to get on with it and put something out sooner this time to recoup some of the time and money spent on the previous record. It may be do or die time for them, and this song does have a great melody.