Tuesday, February 28, 2012

armed and dangerous

Paul Weller returns with "That Dangerous Age", the first, fired up single from his forthcoming longplayer, "Sonik Kicks".

The track is all doo wop and 60s with a splash of Steeler's Wheel and The Kinks wrapped up in a psychedelic, Kraftwerk kaftan. Arguably, Mr. Weller's finest single in nearly fifteen years and a highlight in a career which spans five decades.

With one masterstroke of his guitar, "That Dangerous Age",manages to out-Blurred Blur. Damon and co. should take serious note of PW's latest and have a good think about the direction of their next album should they decide to reconvene in the studio.

Check out the colorful video which was unveiled today.

Interesting to note that previous single, "Starlite", which saw PW revisit some of the sonics he explored during his heyday as head of The Style Council, will not be included on "Sonik Kicks".

The elpee will hit the "shops" on March 19.


  1. Why is it in this new age of intangible music (credit to Post Punk Monk) I can not view a video for a song which some dumb ass at a record company has already decided will not be released in the US, when in this age of streams and paid downloads of 0's and 1's it only makes sense that everyone, everywhere should have access and be able to purchase that music.
    Clicking play and then being told that the "player" is not licensed in my territory is just utterly ridiculous...I guess I will just have to find another way of seeing and hearing this music. No doubt it will not be carried on the US iTunes store because a licensing agreement for that territory was not signed and I can't purchase from the UK iTunes store because it's not available in my territory.
    At least I have Starlite...

  2. Echorich - The ultimate horror of intangible music is that it's all about control. By the music's owner [hint: it isn't you]. Tangible music existed and could travel across borders.