Saturday, July 2, 2011

the big sky

The Human League are mere moments away from plucking "Sky", the third single from their current longplayer, "Credo". The radio edit just showed up on the interwebs. Despite a lukewarm reception to the new elpee, their first in a decade, there are at least five very strong songs among the eleven tracks.

Although I like "Sky" quite a lot, I would've opted for the more muscular sounding, "Egomaniac", which was released as a single in Germany.

"Sky", replete with a raft of requisite remixes, will be available from all fine online retailers on July 25.


  1. I still like this album, although I don't think my opinion is a popular one. I think the problem people seem to have with it is more the production than the songs, as it is far more stripped down and bare sounding than the lush Secrets of ten years ago, even though it is just as detailed. However, it is not the sound of now, and they need to rethink that if they want to sell records again. That is, if they care after selling Don't You Want Me to thousands of Swiffer ads.

    Sky and Egomaniac are both great songs, although my vote was for Electric Shock.

  2. Great choice! I like Plastic Plates' remix a lot.

  3. I think the album is a really great return to form. I think any band that returns to their retro glory should get props. I don't believe anyone expected Top 10's and Platinum sales. I am just glad that Mark Jones can get projects like this done.
    Now for a Heaven 17 album to complete the picture...