Wednesday, July 13, 2011

all is fair in love and warning

Penguin Prison, one of my current fave raves, just released "Fair Warning", the fifth single from their forthcoming, self-titled, debut longplayer. It's an elpee crackling with top tunes. Each one a single contender in its own right.

And, as if by magic, Chris Glover and co., have lensed a video for their latest offering. Let's take a peek.

Stylish, colorful and bristling with energy, the video is exactly the visual component needed to bring Penguin Prison into a more human realm. Until now, it seems Mr. Glover has remained slightly reluctant to plaster his face and stamp his personality on the project.

"Fair Warning" is available now from all fine online retailers. A raft of remixes will be released next month. Look out for its parent album this fall.

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  1. I happened upon an advance promo of the full length CD (for 25 cents, no less!) in a record store last week. The entire album is fantastic. And the promo came with a bonus CD of instrumental versions. YAY!