Thursday, July 14, 2011

fire and ice

When I worked at EMI, I was in charge of the repertoire for all EMI owned labels of which Chrysalis was one of them. I had my eye on several key acts which had yet to have comprehensive retrospectives produced for them. Icehouse was near the top of my list.

However, I was never able to access the band's formidable catalog due to a contract restriction which didn't allow us to compile their repertoire without full consent from front man, Iva Davies. Of course, the legal department didn't allow for any negotiation on our part, so the ability to produce a singles collection for Icehouse became less of a possibility and eventually, the band took full control of their catalog away from EMI.

Now, after more than 20 years since a patchy greatest hits was made available, Icehouse, best remembered in the US for a clutch hits like "Electric Blue", co-written by John Oates, and "Crazy", will release their first, comprehensive hits collection. "White Heat: 30 Hits", scheduled to hit the "shops" on August 26, will feature all of the band's singles in chronological order across two CDs. Additionally, the set will include a DVD with all 32 of its music videos.

The following is the official tracklisting for "White Heat: 30 Hits", which has been overseen by Iva Davies, features all of Icehouse's internationally released singles.


1. Can’t Help Myself
2. We Can Get Together
3. Walls
4. Icehouse
5. Love in Motion (Original Single Mix)
6. Great Southern Land
7. Hey, Little Girl
8. Street Cafe
9. Glam
10. Taking The Town
11. Don’t Believe Anymore
12. Dusty Pages
13. No Promises
14. Baby, You’re So Strange
15. Mr. Big


1. Cross The Border
2. Crazy
3. Electric Blue
4. My Obsession
5. Man Of Colours
6. Nothing Too Serious
7. Touch The Fire
8. Jimmy Dean
9. Big Fun
10. Miss Divine
11. Anything Is Possible
12. Satellite
13. Big Wheel
14. Invisible People
15. Love In Motion


1. Can’t Help Myself
2. We Can Get Together (Australasian Version)
3. We Can Get Together (International Version)
4. Walls
5. Icehouse
6. Love In Motion (Original Single Version)
7. Great Southern Land
8. Hey, Little Girl
9. Street Cafe
10. Glam
11. Taking The Town
12. Don’t Believe Anymore
13. Dusty Pages
14. No Promises (International Version)
15. No Promises (UK Version)
16. Baby, You’re So Strange
17. Mr. Big
18. Cross The Border
19. Crazy (Australasian Version)
20. Crazy (International Version)
21. Electric Blue
22. My Obsession
23. Man Of Colours
24. Nothing Too Serious
25. Touch The Fire
26. Big Fun
27. Miss Divine
28. Anything Is Possible
29. Satellite
30. Big Wheel
31. Invisible People
32. Love In Motion
33. Sister (from "Countdown 1980")


  1. Much, much love for Icehouse. I completely loved their 30th Anniversary RM of the Flowers "Icehouse" album. I hope that their first five all get the dlx treatment. The DVD will supplant homegrown efforts, but will no doubt be PAL so into the conversion queue with that one! Nice to see the OZ and international clips. in evidence. There are still a raft of US Chrysalis mixes that have not filtered to CD yet, but I'm doing my part in any case. I find it a bit sad that the remixed international version of the Icehouse album [debut as Flowers in Oz] seems to be consigned to the dustbin of history. Iva and Ed Thacker did a slick remix on that that sounded fantastic. At least I still have the US CD issued in the wake of their "Man Of Colours" US success.

  2. Do we know yet if this is seeing a release outside Australia?

  3. @Rob - At the moment, it appears to be an Australian only release.

  4. I'm surprised the official website does not have a pre-order for this one like they did with the Flowers 3-disc dlx RM. Pricing from the source was good with air mail shipping modestly folded into the international price. Wait - I just checked and it's now there! I just pre-ordered mine! Iva autographs all of the pre-orders before Aug. 12, like he did with the Flowers RM so act now and you'll get a second booklet enhanced by the man's pen. Rob should go to: and take it from there. You can buy internationally with your PayPal account.