Thursday, July 28, 2011

it's alright

Oh, dear. Over the last twenty years, there are two words the mere mention of which strike fear in the hearts of music lovers - "covers album". And now, thirty years into her career, everybody's favorite love blonde, Kim Wilde, has decided to fondle her favorite tunes and put them on display with her twelfth longplayer, "Snapshots".

One of the nice surprises about the first single plucked from Kim's new elpee is that it isn't an obvious choice.

Well, it doesn't blow me away but it's alright. Literally. KW has reached back into the 90s for some inspiration in the shape of "It's Alright", an anthemic choon originally recorded by East 17. It was a #3 hit in the UK singles chart way back in 1993. That's nearly twenty years ago for those that feel like counting.

If you look closely at the video, you will see Kim's brother, Rick, on keys and Nick Beggs, member of Kajagoogoo, on bass. Oh, the life of a trainspotter.

Here's the original hit by Brian Harvey and co.

Nice hats, lads.

I'm not a fan of covers albums, but I quite like her "interpretation" of the East 17 "classic". Good thing she left out the rap in the middle eight.

Of course, KW is no stranger to cover versions. Her stellar rendition of "You Keep Me Hangin' On", a hit in the 60s and 70s by The Supremes and Vanilla Fudge, respectively, was revived by Kim in the 80s. She hit #2 in the UK with it in 1986 and then topped the US singles chart with it the following year.

"Snapshots" will be available from all fine "shops" on August 21.


  1. Kim Wilde has magnificent voice, i never paid attention to East 17 but for sure i will pick her version of Its Alright. Can't wait for Kim's new album, thought You Keep me hangin on was mind blowing. Bravo Kim welcome Back!

  2. Wow! Isn't that a bit late in the game for a cover album? Didn't that frightening trend peak at least a decade ago with all manner of horrific issues? The dull blade of the cover album chopped down many once-mighty faves of mine; most notably Annie Lennox who put out one of my least favorite attempts ever and never regained her mojo again afterward. Sigh.

    Then again, there's always Webb Wilder ["Town + Country"] and Icehouse ["The Berlin Tapes"] to point the way forward with excellent examples of the form that remain sterling examples in their storied discographies. Best of luck, Kim!