Friday, June 14, 2013

tales to tell

The mighty Goldfrapp will return on September 9 with "Tales Of Us", their first new material since dropping their retrospective, "The Singles", early last year. It also marks a return to a sound more aligned with their debut, "Felt Mountain", and fourth longplayer, "Seventh Tree". Fret not, there are some electronic flourishes on the new elpee. However, don't expect the full on, stomp and synth of "Head First".

Thankfully, the good folks at Goldfrapp HQ have provided a handy trailer to hold us over until the summer months have passed. September seems like a long way to wait for an album. But it sounds like it will be worth it.

The official tracklisting for "Tales Of Us" will feature the following ten tunes. All single word titles, nine of them are the names of people. Surely, there must be a tale to tell with each one.

1. Jo
2. Annabel
3. Drew
4. Ulla
5. Alvar
6. Thea
7. Simone
8. Stranger
9. Laurel
10. Clay

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