Thursday, June 20, 2013

shake it up

Everyone's favorite, Aussie pop rocket has returned with yet another stand alone single. After delivering "Timebomb" last year without it being attached to an album, Kylie does the same with "Skirt", a flashy, sexy, tribal workout that explodes into a sparkly pop gem when it reaches the chorus.

Actually, it sounds like two completely different songs stitched together rather hamfistedly, but Lady Minogue saves it from being too much of a mess with her patented Kylie coo™.

Rumor has it that "Skirt", along with "Timebomb", will appear on her forthcoming twelfth longplayer which is her first after leaving longtime manager, Terry Blamey, and hooking up with Jay-Z's Roc Nation.

My concern is that Kylie might be trying too hard to appeal to a younger audience rather than stick with pleasing her formidable fanbase. Some artists try to straddle both sides of the fence which tends to deliver an uneven album. "Aphrodite", Kylie's last longplayer of all new material, managed to be a solid platter stocked with a raft of potential singles. Wholly satisfying.

Let's see where she decides to go with her next elpee. A world of gay men are lying awake and wondering.


  1. You said it all with regard to Aphordite...not sure there's been as tight and glittering a pop album since it came out! I love Timebomb - pure Kylie flash and wiggle. I think Skirt is actually kind of sophisticated. It harkens back to an early 90's rave feel - which seems to be a virus caught by a few pop bands of recent - but also feels very current. Bring it on Kylie!

  2. I hated Skirt at first, but it's a real grower. Now I'm seeking it out on my playlist and hitting re-play!

    I agree about the potential direction of the forthcoming album. I hope they make the right choices and have a balance of tracks that keeps her fan-base happy but increases her appeal ... Also hope she doesn't aim too much for the US market like she did a bit with Body Language ... Pop-Kylie is K at her best in my opinion.

  3. It's reminding me of "Slow", because it's not the obvious radio single at all. Hopefully, something "Red Blooded" will follow to drum up more support for this project.