Thursday, June 20, 2013

a sticky situation

The Duckworth Lewis Method, the cricket loving side job for Neil Hannon from The Divine Comedy and Thomas Walsh from Pugwash, return with "Sticky Wickets", their sophomore longplayer.

First single from the album is "It's Just Not Cricket" and it's a jolly romp through the many landmark sounds offered up from The Beatles through to ELO. It is, without question, quintessentially British.

Check out the video as the gents frolic around the cricket pitch with tongues firmly planted in cheeks. And there's more innuendo in the clip than you can shake a stick at. Ooh er, missus!

The following is the full tracklisting for "Sticky Wickets". The longplayer will hit the shops on July 1.

1. Sticky Wickets
2. Boom Boom Afridi
3. It's Just Not Cricket
4. The Umpire
5. Third Man
6. Chin Music
7. Out In The Middle
8. Line And Length
9. The Laughing Cavaliers
10. Judd's Paradox
11. Mystery Man
12. Nudging And Nurdling

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  1. Welcome back Mr. Hannon - looking forward to being well impressed!