Monday, February 4, 2013

loose screw

Prince has always been, for better or worse, a bit unconventional. Even at his most conventional, their has always been an element of doing whatever the hell he pleases. Naturally, it hasn't always worked to his benefit.

As we approach the thirty year anniversary of "Purple Rain", - Take a minute to let the gravity of that sink in. Try not to throw up in your mouth. - Prince seems to have been reenergized. First, he returned with "Rock And Roll Love Affair", his first thoroughly enjoyable single in ages.

For his second trick, he has delivered "Screwdriver", a muscular jam that sees Mr. Nelson return to a more humorous and clever lyrical landscape. Even the lyric video, a more conventional promotional vehicle in these interweb savvy times, is tongue in cheek. The more unconventional part of it is that he appears in the video at various points in the clip.

I love the flirty, dirty, sexy Prince. I think he's having more fun these days. Perhaps he has recovered his mojo. And maybe he's not taking himself as seriously as he used to.

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