Saturday, February 2, 2013

all I need is a miracle

Hurts unveiled the artwork for "Exile", their forthcoming sophomore effort and the follow up to their debut, "Happiness". Theo and Adam still look smart. They're suited, once again. However, the sleeve seems a bit dark. And why do they insist on using such a large version of their logo? It's a bit overbearing and appears to be shoehorned into place. It needs balance against the title and image.

I had the same design issue with the last album. All of the singles were beautifully tailored works of art. But the album cover featured an awful photo and that oversized font. Bring me the head of that graphic designer!

Still, it's more about the music. The first, official single from "Exile" is "Miracle" which will hit the "shops" on March 10, a day before the album drops. A few weeks ago, Hurts debuted "The Road", another track from the elpee.

The bombast is there. The slightly goth shadings are present. Theo Hutchcraft's voice soars. It seems like they might have eschewed the electronics for a more stadium friendly, rock sound.

Thankfully, they didn't have a protracted absence from the musical landscape. Taking too long to follow up a successful debut is far too risky in the current climate. Strike while the iron is hot. As long as you bring the goods to the table. Bon appétit!

The following is tracklisting for "Exile". Nearly all the songs have very short titles. Only one or two words. Theo and Adam are men of few words.
1. Exile
2. Miracle
3. Sandman
4. Blind
5. Only You
6. The Road
7. Cupid
8. Mercy
9. The Crow
10. Somebody To Die For
11. The Rope
12. Help

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  1. Miracle is a bit commercially slick, but has the bones of a strong song. I see what you mean about the stadium sound...not sure that is a great direction unless you think you might capture Muse fans...and do they really want Muse fans?