Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Can you feel it?

Everyone's  favorite Welsh pop troubadour, Rod Thomas (aka Bright Light Bright Light), will return with "Feel It", the fourth single from his devastatingly beautiful debut longplayer, "Make Me Believe In Hope". It is one of the finest pop albums of the year. If you haven't purchased it, your life is truly devoid of color and joy. So, what are you waiting for?

"Feel It" is a euphoric gem which is direct influenced by the finest dance music of the 90s. Shades of C+C Music Factory, Technotronic and Black Box abound. It's an anthemic and effervescent track which features Rod Thomas' urgent vocal riding on top of a chunky Italo house piano line. As the song barrels through its middle eight, an explosion of diva fierceness, delivered courtesy of Mykal Kilgore, bursts into the track and speeds through to an emphatic ending. Absolutely brilliant!

The tracklisting for the single, which hits the "shops" on October 29, will contain a new single edit of the track, as well as Bright Light Bright Light's old school 12" version of "Feel It". That should tickle the fancy of those of us that long for the days when we cherished the simplicity and effectiveness of an extended mix.

Additionally, the single for "Feel It" will include "Good Times", a non-album b-side. The tracklisting is fleshed out with a stadium sized remix of the lead track reswizzled by yours truly along with my sometime dancefloor associate, Steve Migliore. Together, we reworked previous BLBL single, "Waiting For The Feeling", which was very well received around the globe.

A video for "Feel It" has been lensed and should be available on the interwebs prior to the release of the single.


  1. I'm eager for every one of Rod's singles, but your remixes always give me an extra incentive. I love this track, but I'm hoping "Moves" will also see a single release.

  2. Please tell me there will be a physical release. I'm very happy Rod decided to release this song as IMHO it is THE star track of this album! Can't wait for all the remixes from the remix competition!

    Dutch greets,


  3. Yours was the best remix last time around. Can't wait to see what you did with Feel It as this particular track is my favorite from the album. Yay!