Monday, May 28, 2012

don't drop bombs

Kylie Minogue, everyone's favorite Aussie pop rocket, blasts back into outerspace with her brand new single, "Timebomb". Please note the compound word structure.

 After only being on sale for a few days, "Timebomb" crashes into the UK singles chart a number 31. Impressive!

Not sure about the slightly low budget nature of the accompanying video clip which was shot recently on the streets of Soho in glorious, glamorous London.

The release of the new single is part of a year of special events to celebrate Kylie's 25th year in the music business which has become affectionately known as K25. In the last twelve months Kylie has performed a stripped down tour of b-sides and rarities, presented a beautiful set of orchestrally arranged hits at Abbey Road Studios and delivered a gorgeously produced DVD of her blockbuster "Aphrodite" show.

Next up is the release of "The Best Of Kylie Minogue", an 18 track retrospective which will hit the "shops" in the UK on June 24. However, "Timebomb" will not feature on this single disc retrospective. She is a sly little kitten. Perhaps there are more surprises in store from Ms. Minogue?

Well, for one thing, the diminutive pop atarlet has just finished a in the French art film, "Holy Motors", which was directed by Leos Carax. It stars Denis Lavant as a man who travels between multiple parallel lives. The film competed for the Palme d'Or at this year's 2012 Cannes Film Festival. Apparently, Kylie turns in a very moving and tearful performance.

Check out the trailer below which includes a brief snippet of "Who Were We?", a new song Kylie recorded for the film. The song was written by none other than Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy. I am now obsessed with getting my Google dirty hands on the soundtrack which hasn't been given a release date yet.


  1. More, More!! Kylie has reigned over the pop music realm in this Milleniem more consistently than any of her contemporaries or pretenders.

  2. The title of your item is very Liza-esque ;-)

    Shame the 'Timebomb' track remained a non-mover in this weeks UK charts...maybe the video did not do it any favours... or maybe it's just the hard-core-fan-club who bought the track 'en masse' on its release...

  3. Hi,

    The song won't be released as a soundtrack, but is actually available here to listen:

    Enjoy !