Sunday, November 6, 2011

gone daddy gone

My sincerest apologies for being AWOL for a short while. It's been quite manic at So Hip It Hurts HQ. Between productions, DJ gigs and songwrting sessions, not to mention running a local business, time has slipped ever faster into the future without an update to my lovely blog. I can assure you, I plan to do my best to stay on top of things.

So, it's my pleasure to return with a beautiful, new platter from an artist many people are earmarking for big things well into 2012 and beyond.

After the monumental success of "Heaven", Emeli Sandé was always going to have a tough time following it with something even remotely epic. A career defining song, "Heaven" pushed all the right buttons without sounding like anything else out there.

Now, Ms. Sandé moves forward with "Daddy", the second single from her forthcoming longplayer, "Our Version Of Events". Seeing as her debut elpee is scheduled for release on February 6, I suspect a third single will see the light of day a few weeks ahead of it.

Thankfully, "Daddy" mines the same ground as"Heaven". There is a distinct trip hop undertow in the clattered rhythm and ominous strings combo. It's all very 90s in its inspiration while establishing a very 21st century sound. Nary a dubstep breakbeat in earshot. Huzzah! A daring move in this cookie cutter climate. One I'm pleased she has stuck with.

As for the video, Ms. Sandé has traded London for Los Angeles which hints at a more global launch for her anticipated debut. Labels aren't splashing cash in many directions these days. I suspect there is quite a lot of support for Emeli's album.

Nothing groundbreaking. She has a striking look that will burning a unique image behind the retinas. The key here is that Emeli Sandé doesn't oversing. No melismatic overstatement. She simply sings the song. Beyoncé, please take note.

One confusing note to end on, not sure why producer Shahid Khan, aka Naughty Boy, is namechecked in the artist credit with Emeli. Has he contributed something unique to the performance that I haven't discovered?

"Daddy", accompanied by a cadre of remixes, will be available from all fine "shops" on November 20.


  1. This is Quality Pop Vinny! With Capitals! Very good stuff. I loved her first single and this is such a strong follow up. Cheers, Melvin

  2. Really wonderful! A soulful, strong track. I can't help thinking of dark period Madonna, i.e. Frozen with a symphonic Massive Attack influence.