Sunday, October 23, 2011

with or without you

"Be With You", the second single from Erasure's latest longplayer, "Tomorrow's World", will be released as a seven track CD and download on November 21.

The tracklisting for it, which happens to be my favorite song on the elpee, will feature several remixes, an exclusive non-album b-side and another of Gareth Jones' very popular extended mixes. The following are the tracks which will be included on both configurations.

1. Be With You (Radio Version)
2. Be With You (Moto Blanco Remix Radio Edit)
3. Never Let You Down
4. Be With You (Love Is Coming - Extended Remix)
5. Be With You (Moto Blanco Club Mix)
6. Be With You (Starshapes Remix)
7. Be With You (Acoustic Version)

While I was disappointed with the remixes for previous single, "When I Start To (Break It All Down)", the inclusion of a Moto Blanco remix of "Be With You" will, hopefully, put things right. Let's hope for a pass the poppers moment which we haven't gotten from Vince and Andy for quite some time.

1 comment:

  1. I really appreciate the 'Starshapes' and the 'Love is coming - Extended remix'. The latter done by Garteth Jones.

    The b-side (I know we don't call them like that any more these days), 'Never let you down' disappointed initially but has turned out to be a 'grower'.

    All in all a nice 'package'.

    Already looking forward to a third release from 'Tommowow's World', while enjoying this one!
    And hopefully I'll receive my live-cd from this tour next week.

    And to end on an even higher note, it was an 'out of this world' experience to 'meet & greet' Vince and Andy just before they did their show here in Brussels on 9 November last ;-)