Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sade in the sunshine

I'm back from the sunny climes of LA just in time for Sade to release "Babyfather", the second single from their best selling, critically acclaimed elpee, "Soldier Of Love".

It's a breezy, summery song with a bit of a dub reggae lilt to it. Always a fan favorite from the beginning, Sade has been hocking her wares and performing the tune on the US television chat show circuit. Strangely, there hasn't been a peep about a concert tour.

The video for "Babyfather" looks as if it was lensed in the side streets and alleyways around the City Of Angels and features Sade with her hair down for a more casual look. Hair pulled back is always a more serious affair.

Sade makes everyday, household chores look so damned glamorous! Loving the lime green number with the rubber gloves. A stylish ensemble! Now that I'm back from LA, it's time to dust and vacuum around the abode. Perhaps I should pull out some couture and get cleaning.


  1. Some fruit salad in green jello would be nice. Pls bring when I see you next. xo

  2. Vin, I just grabbed a limited pressing of the Sade Remix EP...
    Contact me.