Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gray matter

Hard to believe it has been eleven years since Macy Gray graced our radio waves and television sets with her retro ditty, "I Try".

Well, now she's back, back, BACK! After a three year hiatus, Lady Gray returns with "Beauty In The World", a jaunty little handclapper from her forthcoming, fifth, studio longplayer, "The Sellout".

The colorful and quirky video was shot on a couple of locations including a concrete playground and a back alley where people throw their garbage.

Apparently, cheerleaders are still all the rage with video directors.

It's the combination of Macy's gravelly vocal deliver, stoner naiveté and slurry, soulful sensuality that generates interest in every new elpee she releases. Not every track on her albums are winners, but the right song always piques people's curiosity. And "Beauty In The World" has summer smash written all over it.

And what's not to love about a song that rhymes "beauty" with "booty". Genius!


  1. "Beauty In The World" was used in the series finale of "Ugly Betty". (sniff)

  2. I really like this tune. Always liked her.

  3. Love the Watts Towers backdrop! They are still one of the best things in LA!