Friday, May 14, 2010

Kylie in the clouds with diamonds

Earth shattering news spreads quickly. By the time you read this, you will probably have already read it somewhere else. But it is such mind-bendingly amazing information that you might have been struck by a splash of short term amnesia. So I feel it is my duty to make it available for the purpose of memory rehabilitation.

Of course, this news is so epic in proportions that you're quite likely to be struck by memory loss here, as well. Therefore, you'll have to go elsewhere to remember you forgot you read it.

Cut and pasted with love from everywhere else on the interwebs, I'm pleased to announce the tracklisting for "Aphrodite", the eleventh, spectacular longplayer from our favorite Aussie pop rocket, Kylie Minogue.

1. All The Lovers
2. Get Outta My Way
3. Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)
4. Closer
5. Everything Is Beautiful
6. Aphrodite
7. Illusion
8. Better Than Today
9. Too Much
10. Cupid Boy
11. Looking For An Angel
12. Can’t Beat The Feeling

Her label, Parlophone, realized they can't withhold anymore info on the lead single, "All The Lovers", so they've chucked it up on YouTube for your listening enjoyment. I've provided it here for your convenience. Service with a smile!

Note the high end, background graphics. The moving clouds in the clip clearly enhance the listening experience. Now it REALLY looks like an add for Kylie's new fragrance line. All it's missing is some floating, sparkly, diamondy bits.

By the way, "All The Lovers" was written by the same folks that penned "2 Hearts" from Kylie's last elpee, "X". A brave move but worth the chance now that we've heard the new single's gorgeous chorus and pulsating rhythm track beautifully adorned with synthy squiggles and chiming, ABBA-esque piano bits.

You may now return to whatever it was you were doing.


  1. "Pop rocket" is my new favorite expression.

  2. Does anyone else think that, although good now, it will be completely IMMENSE when remixed?

  3. you can literally hear the joy and happiness pouring from her inner soul. it's utterly amazing...

  4. "Does anyone else think that, although good now, it will be completely IMMENSE when remixed?"

    This will be a tremendous EP! Depending on the budget (Vin would have the best idea), remixers could, and should, range from Armin Van Buuren and Ferry Corsten to Above & Beyond and Kaskade. Not quite sure of EMI's relationship with Ultra International but this track needs one of their remixers/writers without a doubt.

    Any ideas?

    A remix by the likes of either of those names would send this cut into the stratosphere but I would like to hear remixes by either Ferry Corsten or Above & Beyond. The Freemason and Kaskade do exceptional work, but this track needs to be aired out in front of 50,000+ people in an utter blissful moment- Armin, Ferry, A&B, etc. would ensure that along with Billboard and radio success.

    My money is on Ferry Corsten or Above & Beyond (depending on the budget of course)- thoughts?