Tuesday, November 24, 2009

more Moyet remastering

After the success Alison Moyet has had with her recently released hits collection, Sony has announced that plans are in the works for some long overdue brushing up of her back catalog.

Not only will Alison's first four longplayers - "Alf", "Raindancing", "Hoodoo" and "Essex" - get the remastering treatment, but they will each feature a second disc containing b-sides, 12" versions and remixes associated with each period. Huzzah!

It's really about time. Funny how many projects are being remastered, reissued and revisited lately. In the 90s, at the height of my compilation and retrospective production, there were endless albums that were criminally ignored because the labels didn't think anyone gave two dingles about them. Oh, how times (and revenues) have made labels change their tunes.

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