Monday, November 16, 2009

Basement Jaxx and the bears

I've been spinning the latest Basement Jaxx, "Scars", on the old victrola this weekend. How do they come up with such fabulous ear candy? So far, two fantastic singles have come and gone. The album just doesn't seem to have set the chart on fire.

It works well in the headphones and on the dancefloor. Well, I don't spend much time in clubs but it makes me wiggle my bottom while I tend to my domestic chores. Close enough. The visuals surrounding the album are stunning, as well. The cover art for the album and its attendant singles is captivating.

Perhaps "My Turn", the sweet and dirty third single, which features the hazy, lazy larynx of Lightspeed Champion, will sort things out. It has a something a little Gnarls Barkley about it without sounding anything like them.

The video, complete with eye catching animation, is thoroughly amazing. Have a look.

And seriously, who doesn't like cute bears? Ahem...

I really enjoyed the second single, "Feelings Gone", featuring Sam Sparro of "Black And Gold" fame. Unfortunately, it got withdrawn at the last minute. Such a shame. The video is kinda crap.

Is it me or does it remind me of "Pigs In Space" from "The Muppets" television show?

However, "Raindrops", the first single, is still my favorite from the album. It still makes my backbone slip. And to prove they are a force to be reckoned with on the live stage, check out this amazing performance from "Later...With Jools Holland".

Seriously smokin'! The energetic, male singer joining them on stage is Brendan Reilly. Clearly, he's enjoying himself. Not quite sure what I think about his dress sense. But what a set of pipes! Apparently, he's on the road with the Jaxx in order to bring to life the lead vocal parts of their many hits.

While touring the globe, It looks like Basement Jaxx found time to record some fresh material. They are gearing up for the release of "Zephyr", a brand new EP at the start of 2010.


  1. The single with Sam Sparro was withdrawn? I saw it on MTV or something in Milan, Italy last weekend... :-)

  2. @Johan M - The CD single and 12" were withdrawn in the UK. But the video seems to be getting quite a lot of attention across Europe. It might only be available digitally in those territories.