Monday, February 2, 2015

Giorgio geometry

Retro disco daddy, Giorgio Moroder returns with new music after his successful spin alongside French electronic duo, Daft Punk reintroduced him to the dancing masses. Glad to see him back, back, BACK!

On "Right Here Right Now", which is amazingly NOT a cover of neither the Fatboy Slim hit or the Jesus Jones smash, Giorgio is ably assisted by everyone's favorite Aussie pop rocketm, Kylie Minogue. She gives us her patented kitten coo™ and few vocal eruptions she picked up from her recent work with Pharrell.

"Right Here Right Now" is the first single from Giorgio's new longplayer, "74 Is The New 24".


  1. Yow! So nice to hear Moroder showing how it's still done. The man is a god of disco and it was very moving to see his panel and DJ set at the last Moogfest. The playback of "I Feel Love" during his panel in that black box theatre was profoundly moving. I left the climax of a Kraftwerk concert [#2/3] so I wouldn't miss Moroder's Dj set. Nuf'said. That said, I'm thinking maybe a dub mix would be more my style here, because - believe it or not, this is the first time I've heard Kylie Minogue… ever. And I don't think she's for me. Shocking, but true. Keep 'em flying, Giorgio! I have to agree with the title.

  2. Well my 2015 is off to a good start. Disco's Emperor with it's Crown Princess on vocals. I just hope she has moved on from mixing with producers and writers who have no clue what Kylie is about.

  3. Hi Vinny, love the blog. I've added you to my links on mine. Any chance you could do the same visa versa?

    Looking good by the way.... :0)

    Thank you....