Tuesday, July 29, 2014

tougher than the rest

Today not only marks my return from the darkness, it also brings back the Revolution era snare. Prince, circa "1999", can be felt throughout "Tough Love", the new single from UK soulstress Jessie Ware.

Yes, things have been quite manic at So Hip It Hurts HQ. So sorry for the lengthy absence. Life is what happens when you're waiting around to do other stuff, my lovelies. I think I just somewhat quoted John Lennon in there. Do not attach originality to my statement. The gods of Wikipedia do not smile upon anyone.

Anyway, check out the first single from Jessie Ware's forthcoming, sophomore longplay. It's slow-burning smolder is swathed in Bryan Ferry's smoke and gauzy sonic textures. And the Princely drum on the one (actually, it's on the two) stands out as a clear, purple paisley influence.

Sweet delicious honey-flavored love lumps! Doesn't that just make your heart melt? Gorge!

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