Monday, January 27, 2014

kissing to be clever

Everyone's favorite, Aussie pop rocket has refueled her power packs and is revving her engines for the release of "Kiss Me Once", her twelfth, studio longplayer.

After "Into The Blue" hit the internet machine a few days ago, the world has been weighing in on it's status. Is it classic Kylie? It is, without a doubt, pop Kylie. But, from looking at some of the pervy titles, sex Kylie makes a bit of a return. And then there is the dreadful news that she has leaned a little into the hip hop side of production which seems to the road artists take when they want more US success. You heard it here first. Kylie WILL NOT have a hit in the US. Radio would much rather play Ke$ha and Pitbull.

Look, I love Kylie with the heat of a thousand suns, but her fanbase doesn't want hip hop Kylie. However, since I haven't heard the entire album, I must reserve judgment on the contents. What I do know is, I don't need a duet with Enrique Iglesias. It's another sign that leaves me fraught with worry over the sound of "Kiss Me Once". Even more disconcerting, are the aforementioned pervy song titles. Three songs feature "sex" in them - "Sexy Love", "Sexercize" (*groan*), and "Les Sex" (*grumble*). These cheesy sounding titles better reveal songs so amazing that you forget what they are called.

Of course, the longplayer will arrive in two distinct flavors - standard and deluxe. The deluxified edition will include two bonus tracks, "Mr. President" and "Sleeping With The Enemy", the latter produced by Greg Kurstin. Both songs are lovingly marked with an asterisk in the tracklisting below.

Then, we are treated to a completely useless super deluxe edition which features the album on vinyl and CD in a red, silk covered box which is emblazoned with Kylie's kiss print on the front. The box will also include the download code for the album, some lovely 12" x 12" color prints and a plastic frame covered in simulated raindrops so you and friends can take selfies of each other reproducing the cover image of "Kiss Me Once". Yes, Kylie thinks her fans a fourteen year old girls.

Here is the official tracklist of "Kiss Me Once". The album will hit the "shops" on March 18.

1. Into The Blue
2. Million Miles
3. I Was Gonna Cancel
4. Sexy Love
5. Sexercize
6. Feels So Good
7. If Only
8. Les Sex
9. Kiss Me Once
10. Beautiful
11. Fine
12. Mr. President*
13. Sleeping With The Enemy*

Please let this be a good album. "Aphrodite" was always going to be difficult to follow.


  1. The good news is that the LP was executive produced by Sia and Kylie and the final producers making the cut are good ones (not, say, Stargate). But yes yes yes, we have a no no no re: Enrique!

  2. You hit the nail on the head Sir Vero, Aphrodite is a zenith point which only a shooting comet of an album could rise above and over... When Kylie signed on with Jay-Z's mgmnt team I sat back in my comfy computer chair, a little less comfortable. It took me 10 listens to get to appreciate Skirt, and now it's one of my favorite tracks from last year. Kylie and Enrique - ah no. Sexy Kylie meets Pop Kylie I have no problem with, but there is no real Hip Hop Kylie so I don't hold much for that.

  3. Am really looking forward to this even if the titles are worrying, as it has been far too long. What makes me crazy is that they can't include Skirt and Timebomb as bonus tracks--I hate not having a physical version of them somewhere, and feel we have waited long enough for them.

    Sia's presence makes me feel better but Enrique? Why do music execs think he's going to bring people to the party. The guy simply CANNOT sing! He never has been a great singer, and carries clout because of a famous surname. He certainly is the male J-Lo...have these artists ever truly sang live? He certainly does not need to be on this record. We are talking about a woman who once sang with Nick Cave, and I can think of hundreds of other men she could sing with that would be better. Hell, Sting or Elton John would be better! Let's hope the hip hop is kept to a minimum.