Sunday, January 19, 2014

blue for you

Kylie Minogue, everyone's favorite, Aussie pop rocket is back, back, BACK! She returns with "Into The Blue", a brand new single from her forthcoming twelfth studio album. No word about whether previous singles, "Timebomb" and "Skirt", will appear on the long player.

"Into The Blue" marks the return of Pop Kylie after a brief sojourn into more club oriented sounds. I, for one, am thrilled to hear a new, frothy tune from her. It features a strong chorus, some contemporary EDM flourishes and muscular production. While Kylie's patented, breathy coo has been replaced with a strong, full voice on the new single, it will be interesting to hear the overall sonic landscape of its parent album.

Right now, all we have is a low quality version of the song. We'll replace it with a shiny, new vid with better audio shortly.

It's pleasant. A lovely return. However, it is far from what we've come to know as Classic Kylie. Fans are sure to be divided on "Into The Blue".

While it is a strong single choice, it doesn't stand out among the pack. It has a faint whiff of obvious chart chasing about it and almost sounds as if any number of the current crop of female warblers could have recorded it.


  1. While I do like this song, I can understand the chart chasing commentary. Thanks to Roc Nation for that angle.