Friday, October 4, 2013

I'm gonna take you higher

Next month, Keane will close the first chapter of their decade-long career with "The Best Of Keane". This, their first retrospective, pulls together 20 tracks from across all four of their albums - "Hopes And Fears", "Under The Iron Sea", "Perfect Symmetry" and "Strangeland".

"Higher Than The Sun", one of two brand new tunes, will be the first single from "The Best Of Keane". Check out the animated video which just hit the interwebs.

Very nice. Quite a lot of editing went into that. The song, while still maintain the essence of Keane, comes across something like hybrid of Coldplay and The Killers. Not necessarily a bad thing.

However, I think the band needs to stretch a little. They need to try some sonic experimentation like they did on "Perfect Symmetry". The results were unexpectedly spectacular. Right now, it feels like they are treading water. Although I liked "Strangeland", it felt like they reversed course after the shift of the previous album.

"The Best Of Keane" will hit the "shops" on November 11. It will be available in several different configurations including a single 20-track CD of hits. The deluxe edition of the collection adds a second CD of 17 b-sides plus a DVD of an acoustic gig which took place in August of this year. There is also a special super deluxe edition set which contains the two CDs and DVD plus a small, 100 page hardcover photo scrapbook.

The deluxe edition of "The Best Of Keane" features the following 38 tracks.


1. Everybody's Changing
2. Somewhere Only We Know
3. Bend And Break
4. Bedshaped
5. This Is The Last Time
6. Atlantic
7. Is It Any Wonder?
8. Nothing In My Way
9. Hamburg Song
10. Crystal Ball
11. A Bad Dream
12. Try Again
13. Spiralling
14. Perfect Symmetry
15. My Shadow
16. Silenced By The Night
17. Disconnected
18. Sovereign Light Café
19. Higher Than The Sun
20. Won't Be Broken

CD 2

1. Snowed Under
2. Walnut Tree
3. Fly To Me
4. To The End Of The Earth
5. The Way You Want It
6. Something In Me Was Dying
7. Allemande
8. Let It Slide
9. He Used To Be A Lovely Boy
10. Thin Air
11. The Iron Sea (Magic Shop Version)
12. Maybe I Can Change
13. Time To Go
14. Staring At The Ceiling
15. Myth
16. Difficult Child
17. Sea Fog (Live In Mexico City)
18. Russian

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