Monday, September 30, 2013

a perfect example

Barely done with the promotion for "Love Is A Bourgeois Construct", Pet Shop Boys launch right into their next single, "Thursday", which features a rap by Example, the UK's latest lyrical Jesse James.

For some reason, ver Boys didn't lens a video for their previous single. But they've decided to splash a little cash on one for their current platter. And this time, they actually appear in it. Shot in Shanghai, the clip premiered on the interwebs today.

"Thursday" was screaming to be a single right out the gate and is certainly a major highlight of "Electric", their twelfth longplayer.

It will hit the "shops" on November 4 and will be available as a digital download, CD single and 12". The download and CD will feature the radio edit of the title track, as well as two brand new, non album b-sides - "No More Ballads" and "Odd Man Out". The digital configurations will also include a version of "Thursday" reswizzled by Tensnake. The 12" single will feature the album version alongside remixes by Tensnake and Eddie Amador.

So far, I have been nonplussed by the remixes of previous singles from "Electric". While the album is a spectacular high water mark for Neil and Chris, the remixes have left little to be desired.


  1. This track is screaming for a decent extended version. I'm underwhelmed by the tracklisting that I've seen to date. It is my favorite track on the album and I'd really like a nice extended version of it that builds on some of the structure of the song with nice instrumental bridges (think of the difference between the lp version of "Being Boring" and the extended version and you have an idea of what I mean).

  2. This was one of the many highlights of the recent show in St. Pete. Crowd on their feet and Neil with a wry smile on his face throughout the song. It's a great homage to their beginnings and the influence Bobby Orlando had on them. The only drawback of this track is that if it comes on in my car and I'm driving down Florida's I-4 I speed something terrible! Hmmm, maybe that's not such a draw back at that.