Friday, March 29, 2013

a little more conversation

Texas are back, Back, BACK! Sharleen Spiteri and co. are about to unleash "The Conversation", their eighth studio longplayer and their first one in eight years. It's also the collective's return since bandmember Ally McErlaine was hospitalized after he collapsed with a massive brain aneurysm in 2009.

Furthermore, "The Conversation" marks their departure from Universal where Texas spent their entire career. [PIAS] Recordings is their new home.

The first single from their forthcoming album is the title track. It's a dark, bluesy number almost hinting at their modest beginnings while still keeping the pop shine they developed during their

The tracklisting for the album include the following twelve tunes.

1. The Conversation
2. Dry Your Eyes
3. If This Isn’t Real
4. Detroit City
5. I Will Always
6. Talk About Love
7. Hid From The Light
8. Be True
9. Maybe I
10. Hearts Are Made To Stray
11. Big World
12. I Need Time

"The Converstaion" will hit the "shops" on May 20 in two configurations, the standard twelve track version and a two disc, deluxified edition with a bonus disc of live recordings of song from across the band's nearly twenty-five year career.

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  1. Wow. Texas. I was all over that first album and singles but my ardor quickly ebbed. I can't really give a reason why; it just did. If ever a group had "VH-1" tattooed on their forehead, it was Texas! Still, it was nice to see Johnny McElhone crawl from the wreckage of Altered Images.

    Several years ago, a friend let me hear what the band had done since but it didn't move me. I think I picked up a US promo of the first single from "Mother's Heaven." I still have the first album and singles. Wonder if it's worth flipping 'em [checks the going rate at]… Not really, except for that Canadian "Everyday Now + Live" 6-track. Yow! That's a nice chunk of change! Say, I missed the "Thrill Is Gone" CD single. Shoot… they covered "Dimples!" That sounds interesting. Still, if I'm going to listen to blues in 2013, it's gonna be Howlin' Wolf!

    You also bring up an interesting point that I'm struggling with right now… namely it's 25 years since 1988! I was just listening to the [weak] Spoons album from that year, "Vertigo Tango," and it's been 25 years!!! I feel so damned old!