Monday, July 23, 2012

games without frontiers

"Video Games" by Lana Del Rey is one of those songs that never impressed me much. A lot of it has to do with her disingenuous nature and lack of substance. She has the personality of a styrofoam cup and her singing voice is less than engaging. All careful management and void of genuine style.

However, there have been several cover versions of "Video Games" that made me sit up and take notice of the song itself rather than the posturing around it. Now, Boy George lends his significant pipes to the track and delivers it with such grace and soul you'd think it was written from his pen.

This video just appeared on YouTube out of nowhere. No explanation. No hoopla. No warning. No indication that it's part of a particular project. Am I out of the loop?

Whatever the case, it appears there will be more if you read the fine print. Not sure what the connection is between the song and the clip. It's simply described as "a story of young love in bleak Britain".

I don't think the boy has sounded this rich and substantive in years! His lower register has taken on a less graveled tone. His voice has been imbued with a soulful honesty. This is the Boy George I grew to love and admire. Now let's sort out that Culture Club reunion!


  1. This was really wonderful! Agreed George sounds soulful and his vocal richer than it has in years. This feels like The Crying Game and that is not a bad thing at all! I would love George to put his stamp on a number of current songs...covers albums don't always have to be of "classics" - just look at how great OMD's verson of The XX's VCR was!
    But aside from adding to the coffers of George, Mikey, Roy and Jon, what would it really do for George? Someone needs to believe in George as a solo artist again and record him!

  2. Hi Vinny,
    Found this extra information on this project ;
    Cheers and thanks for your blog ;-)