Sunday, August 7, 2011

never turn your back on Mother Earth

Hard on the heels of the deluxe editions of their first two elpees, "Wonderland" and "The Circus", Erasure announce the release of their forthcoming, fourteenth longplayer, "Tomorrow’s World".

The album sleeve, another artistic triumph for the duo, retools the band's logo once again. The cover design is by Tom Hingston who has done magnificent work for artists like Massive Attack, Garbage, The Chemical Brothers and Robbie Williams among many others. It also incorporates sculptures made by Kate MacDowell. It's very pastel. No? Hearts flowers and butterflies, ahoy! Thankfully, no unicorns.

The album, the band’s first in more than four years, is produced by Frankmusik (a.k.a. Vincent Frank) and mixed by Rob Orton. We're still a big fan of Frankmusik's debut longplayer, "Complete Me", from 2009. Even though his new single, "Do It In The AM" is complete shit and giant step down from his pop glory, I'm really looking forward to his contribution to Vince and Andy's electronic odes to love. The first single plucked from it will be “When I Start To (Break It All Down)”.

The standard album features nine songs, but the deluxe edition will come with a bonus disc featuring remixes, demos and a bonus track. The full, official tracklisting for "Tomorrow's World", which is scheduled to be released on October 4, features the following tracks.

1. Be With You
2. Fill Us With Fire
3. What Will I Say When You’re Gone?
4. You’ve Got To Save Me Right Now
5. A Whole Lotta Love Run Riot
6. When I Start To (Break It All Down)
7. I Lose Myself
8. Then I Go Twisting
9. Just When I Thought It Was Ending


  1. I love your no-holding-back comment about Frankmusik's latest single. I hope it makes him lots of money because I personally never want to hear it again. With all the early love for new Erasure, I sure hope they can pass up those kinds of lyrical stanzas. Wild Beasts do that sort of thing with much more style and sensuality.

  2. Indeed, no need to hold back about Frankmusik's latest single... I just can't get into it... and oh have I tried.
    But really looking forward to this new Erasure release.. I read somewhere that 'Then I go twisting' is going to be the anthem of 2011. I hope they are right ;-)

  3. Were you being sarcastic when referring to the "artistic triumph" of their artwork?

    They have the WORST cover art! LOL ;)