Friday, August 5, 2011

Have we lost what it takes to advance?

Such is the question posed in "Sleeping Satellite" as covered by Kim Wilde on her latest album, "Snapshots", a collection of her fave raves. It does make you wonder about the validity of such a project. What is the motivation? Laziness? Lack of inspiration? No faith in original material? Just good fun?

Whatever the reason, at least KW has taken the opportunity to record some unexpected covers. And now, as part of an old fashioned double a-side single, Kim has decided to release "Sleeping Satellite" alongside "It's Alright".

She spent a few euros on a video, too. Amazing that she was able to squeeze out some cash from the label for two clips!

Love those retro looking, fingerless, black lace gloves!

And here's the original from Tasmin Archer which was a #1 hit in the UK way back in 1992.

The full, official tracklisting for "Snapshots" includes the following fourteen nuggets.

1. It's Alright (originally recorded by East 17)
2. In Between Days (originally recorded by The Cure)
3. About You Now (originally recorded by Sugababes)
4. Sleeping Satellite (originally recorded by Tasmin Archer)
5. To France (originally recorded by Mike Oldfield)
6. A Little Respect (originally recorded by Erasure)
7. Remember Me (originally recorded by Diana Ross)
8. Anyone Who Had A Heart (originally recorded by Cilla Black)
9. Wonderful Life (originally recorded by Black)
10. They Don't Know (originally recorded by Kirsty MacColl)
11. Beautiful Ones (originally recorded by Suede)
12. Just What I Needed (originally recorded by The Cars)
13. Ever Fallen In Love (originally recorded by The Buzzcocks)
14. Kooks (originally recorded by David Bowie)


  1. I like. If I have a complaint, it's that Kim doesn't really bring anything new to the equation. However, any attention for Tasmin is welcome.

  2. That's a reasonably good selection of material. More than I was expecting. But it's not as if scads of these tunes haven't already been covered before. the bulk of these have already been covered and just in my Record Cell I can name the following off the top of my head:
    • A Little Respect [Bjorn Again]
    • Anyone Who Had A Heart [BEF/Sandie Shaw and isn't Cilla Black a cover anyway since Dionne Warwick sang it first a year earlier for the US market?]
    • They Don't Know [Tracey Ullman]
    • Ever Fallen In Love [Fine Young Cannibals]
    • Kooks [Danny Wilson]

    I would like to hear her on the Suede track. That has me curious.

  3. Remember Me is a fave! Remember me as a big balloon, Vero.

  4. Nice but ultimately pointless cover of Sleeping Satellite which is a great song. I liked the giant plant pots and man with pigtails. Hang on, is that him from Kajagoogoo?

  5. Yup, Nick Beggs of Kaja fame.

    I have to say I actually liked this a lot more than I thought I would. The song was always great, and 20 years on I would be surprised if that many people REALLY remember it. It's not like Archer really had any followup hits, and she is now more of a long-gone singer-songwriter curio. It's how Janis Ian would have been interpreted to late 80's crowd. (oh wait, Tracy Chapman???)

    The tracklist is a little intriguing actually, but I can only imagine how dire Kooks must be. Seriously? I don't know if that's very wise. On the other hand, the Suede and Erasure choices could be good if done right. Not sure about the Cure or Cars either. And the thought of updating They Don't Know makes me shudder. Yes, the song was a remake already, but it was not that different from the original (and not long after). Unless she gives it some type of Lily Allen/Winehouse spin, there are numerous bad things that could be done to it.

    Still, I don't think a Kim Wilde covers album is gonna make the world a worse place. After all, her biggest US hit was a cover song.