Monday, April 4, 2011

opera lover

Recently, on my little sojourn to the cloudy climes of London, I ran into Tracey Thorn at the local Starbucks. What are the chances? I was struck by how funny, warm and lovely she is. You'll be pleased to know she was rocking a rather fetching, purple, down parka.

During our brief, caffeinated encounter, I mentioned I planned on purchasing her next single as soon as it was made available. And as if by magic, "You Are A Lover", released as a translucent green, limited edition 10" single, has been made available to purchase today from the Strange Feeling website.

The tracklisting includes the dubby Clock Opera Remix of "You Are A Lover" on the a-side with the original mix and her gorgeous cover of Sufjan Stevens' "Sister Winter" featured on the flipside. Order your copy now, kittens!

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