Sunday, February 27, 2011

gods and things

Promotional efforts are in full effect for D:Ream with their new single, "Gods In The Making".

No promotional push would be complete without the requisite video. Of course, Pete and Al have seen fit to film one.

In these new DIY days, it's the technology that matters, not the perceived quality of the clip. And I like D:Ream's low-fi affair! It does the trick.

While we're on the subject of promotion, D:Ream have been making several stops at radio stations across the UK in the run up to the release of their brand new longplayer, "In Memory Of...", which is scheduled to be available from all fine "shops" on March 7.

Here's Pete with a couple of acoustic performances of "U R The Best Thing" and "Things Can Only Get Better" on a recent trip to Liverpool radio station Juice (*snicker*) FM.

A couple of thoughts. Firstly, please tell someone at Juice FM to dial down the reverb. Secondly, I think I have a little crush on Mr. Cunnah! More importantly, Pete's raw vocal really shines in an acoustic setting. It showcases the soulful nature of his voice which oftentimes can be overshadowed by production and effects.

Here's a little suggestion fellas... Record five acoustic performances in the studio with nothing more than guitar accompaniment. Maybe throw in a piano for good measure. Down and dirty. Some bonus stuff to enhance the next couple of singles or, perhaps, put together a special configuration of the album. You can pay me later for that idea. Large, unmarked notes will do. Thanks.

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  1. Is it possible that, even with big long time silences ending from Blancmange and Human League, that D:Ream's could actually be the best project of the three? This song is seriously good (especially when not watching the video). I always thought Cunnah and Co. were a rather good act really, and the second D:ream album really was better than some thought. This bodes well!