Wednesday, February 23, 2011

cinematic Sunday

It appears that Hurts are getting quite good at this music video malarkey. Theo and Adam just unveiled the clip for "Sunday", the fourth single from their debut longplayer, "Happiness".

Let's take a look, shall we?

Visual non-sequiturs ahoy! One half of the vid wants to be "Heart" by Pet Shop Boys. The other half wants to be "Tron". Still, it looks expensive without being a budget buster. It seems like they did quite a lot with the little they had to work with. Keep in mind, nobody gets four singles from and album plus a video to accompany each one. So, kudos to Hurts for squeezing every sheckle they could out of the label. All in the name of art!

And if my ears don't deceive me, I believe the single mix is slightly reswizzled for maximum enjoyment.

Speaking of mixes, the Seamus Haji post production is quite danceable and pleasing to the ear. However, it appears the Paul Van Dyk remix is still very much under wraps. According to those in the know, it is stonkingly good.

Let's not forget that Hurts lensed a clip for their Christmas single, as well, which brings their total of music videos to five. I'd say it's time for the deluxe edition of "Happiness" with a second disc of mixes and a bonus DVD featuring all their videos and, perhaps, a live concert.


  1. Vinny i heard/read online that they are re-releasing 'Better than love' after Sunday ???

    i think it was on popjustice or uk mix forums, so not sure how true might be...


  2. Totally agree with you about the Deluxe edition, Vinny. That would be awesome. Love Hurts and love the updates from you. Thanks for all the good work and good music you keep bringing us and alerting us to.


  3. @OrozcoUK - Interesting. Not sure it would get much higher in the chart than the first time. A reswizzling would be in order.

    I think they should go for a song from the album that hasn't been released yet or chuck out a new tune.

    At least the label seems dedicated to breaking them.

  4. @OberonOZ - Thanks for the kind words! We're out there amongst the coyotes in the wild west!

  5. Vinny how about the duet with Kylie?

    too slow/dark? too much exposure for ms Minogue? also on cruz's single...

    what would be your choice?

    Unspoken is mine :)

  6. Love your comparison of the Sunday video to PSB's Heart / Tron. Just what I was thinking.