Monday, January 31, 2011

modern dance

I'm very impressed with the promotional campaign behind "History Of Modern", the latest longplayer from Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark.

Much like Bryan Ferry's current album, "Olympia", the long promotional tail has settled in across many months during a time when most acts can barely squeeze out a month of activity around the release of an elpee.

Paul and Andy are about to embark on another tour. This time, US shows are on the cards. And they are about to release the title track as the third single from "History Of Modern".

To mark the release of the next single, they will be issuing the title track as a limited edition collector's digipack CD and 10" vinyl.

The CD will include all the b-sides including their cover of "VCR" which was originally recorded by The xx. Plus, it will include three remixes of "History Of Modern (Part I)", an extended remix produced by OMD, and the newly mixed radio version. That's twelve tracks in total. A bumper crop of goodies for fans!

The 10" will include previous b-side, "The Grand Deception", OMD's extended mix of the a-side and '"VCR". And for all those who want to download the full bundle, it will be available from all fine online "shops".

To get your mojo going, here is an exclusive preview of the remix of "History Of Modern (Part I)" by New York sensations, Selebrities.


  1. Love this remix. Is it just me or does it remind anybody else of New Orders amazing Your Silent Face? TF.

  2. Wow, it's like I went back in time. This sounds like OMD back in the day. I hope that's a good thing... ;) It was a pity when it ended and I had to come back to the present...