Monday, January 10, 2011

one of the living

Just when the world thought Frankmusik was going to be brushed under the rug as having one terrific longplayer, Vincent Frank returns under his superstar moniker with a new EP.

"Long Live Frankmusik" is a four track taster with at least two of its songs being earmarked for inclusion on his forthcoming, sophomore elpee, "Do It In The AM". Terrible title.

The EP includes two ballads - "Hurt You Again" and "Warrior" - which sorta made me think he was getting all slushy and syrupy on our collective asses. The latter of the two is a distinct treasure. When he's in downtempo mode, Frankmusik has a deft hand with layers and simplicity which go completely against the grain of his marketing brief as a techno electro wizzard.

"Warrior" is the better of the two with a delicately played piano which underscores Vincent's confident, emotive vocal. In all honesty, it's reminiscent of "Hide And Seek" era Howard Jones.

I would have preferred "Warrior" as the lead promotional push for Frankmusik's return, but I completely understand going with "The Fear Inside". It's a slab of dark anxiety laid over an electro production straight out of 1982. Sounds like someone has been listening to plenty of Arthur Baker records.

It also looks like someone's enjoying his move to Los Angeles. The video is more Hollywood gloss and less on the quirky Brit tip.

Then there is the uplifting, fizzy joy of "Our Discovery (Tribute To Daft Punk)" which cheekily references "One More Time" by Daft Punk. Glad to see he kept he isn't taking himself too seriously.

Final slot on the EP is home to "Hate Your Love", which features the middling talents of Digiraatii with whom I am not familiar. It's a bit of mess. Nothing memorable. Completely throwaway. Three outta four ain't bad.

If this all makes you tingle inside, then you'll be happy to know you can download the EP for free on Frankmusik's official website! It's a snip!

Let's hope he can get more of a foothold this time around. He might have what it takes to be the male version of Robyn.

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  1. Definitely dig the more melancholy here. I'm just not sure I can handle another year of auto-tune nonsense. I just keep remembering all the crap Jennifer Lopez and even Cher (yes I went there) got back in the 90's with their computer assisted vocals, not it's just out of control. Back to Frankmusik - wow there is definitely a lot of potential for success there- if he can find space on the airwaves.