Sunday, December 12, 2010


Tits! Violence! Sex! Meat! Crazy, bearded men! Huzzah! What more could you ask for from a new Scissor Sisters vid?

"Invisible Light" is the third single to be plucked from "Night Work", their current longplayer. While the content of the clip is not particularly unusual for Jake, Babydaddy, Ana and Del, it's the fact that the single itself was the buzz track which set up the promotion of the album. An unusual move these days, and it gives the epic track as second lease on life.


  1. Love that video despite it being like something I would have done as an art college project in the mid 90s if I had an unlimited budget. That's not a criticism!

  2. Great track but Stuart Price DESTROYS this track in his 12" mix!

    p.s. That intro kind sounds VERY familiar ;0) Can you say Full Horror Mix- perhaps an ode to Julian Mendelsohn?

  3. @The Music Gourmandizer - Agreed. Stuart Price's mix is epic! I think the track is very Trevor Horn circa FGTH, IMHO.