Tuesday, February 9, 2010

spelling error

Sometimes labels do the strangest things. Can anyone shed some light on the new Alphabeat album? It has been out in their native land since the end of last year. It's called "The Spell". For some reason, they have changed the title for its UK release.

Hot on the heels of second single, "Hole In My Heart", the album, newly christened with "The Beat Is...", will be out in the UK on March 1.

Apparently, if you pre-order the album from Play.com you will get ver Beat's cover of "Ain't Nobody" which has only been done to death about a gazillion times. But if you purchase the longplayer from iTunes you'll get two, other, bonus tracks, "Til I Get Around" and "365 Degrees" plus one mix each of the singles, "The Spell" and "Hole In My Heart".

Apparently, they've recorded a medley of Lady Gaga's "Telephone" mashed up with "Bad Romance". Would've been nice to include this as an extra treat.

Why the change? "The Spell" is a much better title. Sounds like the label was concerned about parallel imports hence the bonus tracks and new title. Couldn't they have kept the title in tact and just added the bonus material? Le sigh.


  1. Le sigh indeed.

    Shame Alphabeat didnt go as random as we probably know they can by covering...perhaps something random like a Dannii Minogue album track from the mid-90s.

  2. Don't like the new title at all - it sounds like a technotronic greatest hits. And yes, Ain't Nobody ain't the most inspiring cover at all. What's wrong with popping the G'Gah medley on there instead. so many missed opportunities. I still adore them though.

  3. @Paul - My guess is that they recorded the Gaga medley too late in the game for it to be included on the physical CD. They should make it a bonus on the iTunes download edition of the album.

    I think that's more about the label missing opportunities. Therefore, the band loses out. Such a shame. I feel like I'm having to Frankenstein every album I buy so I can include all the bonus tracks across various digital stores. It's maddening.

  4. I was wondering if anyone had the mp3 of their "Ain't Nobody" Chaka Khan cover?? I've been looking for it forever. It's too late to purchase it because the pre-order bonus track is only available during pre-order.