Wednesday, February 17, 2010

love among the thorns

Tracey Thorn has emerged from the wilderness with her third, solo longplayer, "Love And Its Opposite", in hand. It's the follow up to "Out Of The Woods" and has a more acoustic feel than the electro folk slant of its predecessor.

The cover art for the new album is designed by John Gilsenan who is responsible for all the acclaimed artwork at Tracey's new label, Strange Feeling Records, and its sister label, Buzzin' Fly, both of which are owned and operated by her long term partner and EBTG cohort, Ben Watt.

John gave the following quote regarding the cover art: "I was inspired by the lyrics and mood of the record - the way family relationships can get more complicated and messed up with time. I found a stock photo - a family portrait - that was formal but also a bit decadent, and then just went to work on it. I tried to capture the same feeling in the typeface - formal but a bit fancy."

Through the magic of the interwebs, you can download the album's opening track, "Oh, The Divorces!", right here if you are so inclined. It's a lovely, subdued, acoustic piano number with Tracey's achingly beautiful voice draped over the top.

"Love And Its Opposite" will be available at all fine "shops" on May 17. The album is ten songs strong. It includes eight originals and two covers - "Late In The Afternoon" by Lee Hazelwood and "You Are A Lover" which was originally recorded by Unbending Trees.

Cast your eyes upon the full tracklisting.

1. Oh, The Divorces!
2. Long White Dress
3. Hormones
4. Kentish Town
5. Why Does The Wind?
6. You Are A Lover
7. Singles Bar
8. Come On Home To Me
9. Late In The Afternoon
10. Swimming

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  1. Also, why is the 'And Its' in capitalised case against the rest of the typography being uppercase?