Thursday, December 10, 2009

deluxe Duran

I've been feverishly putting together a few reviews but all things seasonal and work related have been requiring my already limited availability. When the details around the next slate of Duran Duran deluxe editions were announced, I jumped at slapping together the info. Therefore, this entry is a bit of a gap filler until I can reach the surface and breathe again. But let's face it. Anything involving Duran Duran and their glorious back catalog is worth the attention.

Deluxification dust has been loving sprinkled upon Duran Duran's self-titled, debut longplayer and third album, "Seven And The Ragged Tiger". It follows in the footsteps of the remastered and expanded edition of "Rio", a gleaming jewel in the band's crown.

Both are scheduled for release on March 10, 2010 in three varieties. Firstly, there will be a standard, 2 CD set including the original album, b-sides, mixes, BBC sessions and demos. Then the super deluxe flavor will combine the 2 CD set with a bonus DVD which will feature BBC footage and original music videos for the singles and other relevant tracks from the era. And if you prefer your music in the increasingly popular downloadable format, you'll get the whole kit and caboodle with an original, live concert as an added treat.

Now, allow yourself to luxuriate in the full tracklisting for both deluxified Duran Duran releases. All tracks marked with an asterisk indicate they are previously unreleased. Apparently, "Notorious" will make an appearance very soon, as well.

"Duran Duran"

CD 1

Original album:

1. Girls On Film
2. Planet Earth
3. Anyone Out There
4. To The Shore
5. Careless Memories
6. Night Boat
7. Sound Of Thunder
8. Friends Of Mine
9. Tel Aviv


10. Late Bar
11. Khanada
12. Fame
13. Faster Than Light

CD 2

AIR Studios versions (recorded on 29th July, 1980):

1. Girls On Film*
2. Tel Aviv*

Manchester Square demos (recorded on 8th December, 1980):

3. Anyone Out There*
4. Planet Earth*
5. Friends Of Mine*
6. Late Bar*

Radio 1 Peter Powell session in mono (recorded 19th June, 1981 transmitted 11th August, 1981):

7. Night Boat*
8. Girls On Film*
9. Anyone Out There*
10. Like An Angel*

Mixes and versions:

11. Planet Earth (Night Version)
12. Girls On Film (Extended Night Version)
13. Planet Earth (Night Mix)
14. Girls On Film (Night Mix)



1. Planet Earth (Club Version)
2. Planet Earth
3. Careless Memories
4. Girls On Film (Long Uncensored Version)
5. Girls On Film (Short Censored Version)
6. Night Boat
7. A Day In The Life (Featurette)

BBC footage:

8. Planet Earth (Top Of The Pops - 05.03.81)*
9. Careless Memories (Top Of Pops - 21.05.81)*
10. Girls On Film (Top Of The Pops - 30.07.81)*
11. Night Boat (Old Grey Whistle Test - 07.07.81)*
12. Anyone Out There (Old Grey Whistle Test - 07.07.81)*
13.Girls On Film (Get Set For Summer - 08.08.81)*
14. Friends Of Mine (Multi-Coloured Swap Shop - 27.02.81)*
15. Girls On Film (Multi-Coloured Swap Shop - 27.02.81)*

"Seven And The Ragged Tiger"

CD 1

Original album:

1. The Reflex
2. New Moon On Monday
3. (I’m Looking For) Cracks In The Pavement
4. I Take The Dice
5. Of Crime And Passion
6. Union Of The Snake
7. Shadows On Your Side
8. Tiger Tiger
9. The Seventh Stranger

CD 2

Non album singles and b-sides:

1. Is There Something I Should Know?
2. Faith In This Colour
3. Faith In This Colour (alternate slow mix)
4. Secret Oktober
5. Tiger Tiger (Ian Little Remix)
6. The Reflex (Single Version)
7. Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me) (Live)
8. New Religion (Live At The LA Forum - o9.02.84)
9. The Reflex (Live At The LA Forum - 09.02.84)


10. Is There Something I Should Know? (Monster Mix)
11. Union Of The Snake (Monkey Mix)
12. New Moon On Monday (Dance Mix)
13. The Reflex (Dance Mix)


"As The Lights Go Down":

1. Intro: Tiger Tiger
2. Is There Something I Should Know?
3. Hungry Like the Wolf
4. Union of the Snake
5. New Religion
6. Save a Prayer
7. Rio
8. The Seventh Stranger
9. The Chauffeur
10. Planet Earth
11. Careless Memories
12. Girls On Film


Is There Something I Should Know?
Union Of The Snake
New Moon On Monday (EP Version)
The Reflex
New Moon On Monday (Movie Version)

BBC footage:

Is There Something I Should Know? (Top Of The Pops - 23.03.83)
The Reflex (Top Of The Pops - 26.04.84)


  1. Those look super complete. I'm much more interested in the debut album (the bonus material makes my head spin) but I might purchase even the evil "Ragged Tiger" if only someone would verify if the hideous sibilance that deformed my fave rave DD song, "Secret Oktober" in all analog formats from day one has been eliminated within. Since it was even on the Japanese 7"ers I have of this track, I'm afraid the fault lies with the original recording. I may have to break down and de-ess it myself if comes to that... but that could trade one flaw for an even worse one!

  2. I -really- need to get the Seven And The Ragged Tiger one... didja know that my 6th grade class named "The Reflex" as out official class song?


  3. I cannot read anywhere on the internet - BUT I noticed, when I bought the double disc edition, that 'Girls On Film' has a tiny sound error at the very beginning (listen closely on headphones to the camera clicks, there is something wrong about it...).

    I am not sure about the whole edition but it seems there was a mastering mistake - or the master tapes suffered some damage...