Wednesday, October 7, 2009

voice recognition

Sometimes you come across a cover of a song you never thought would ever be attempted, especially when the original has such a distinct and unique sound.

Now that we're 25 years on from the 80s, it's time for a younger generation to have a fresh look at songs that, quite frankly, have aged extremely well considering that it was always thought the technology of the time squarely dated songs from that era and, thus, rendered them unimportant or not worthy of reinterpretation.

With that, I present to you "The Voice" by The Disco Boys featuring Midge Ure, singer with Ultravox V2.0.

Nicely done. But seriously, The Disco Boys? Is that really the best name they could come up with? And what's with the spastic dancer? Looks like they just plucked her off the street and stuck her in the video. Lovely graphics, though.

"The Voice", only one of two singles lifted from the album, "Rage In Eden", peaked at #16 in the UK singles chart in 1981. For purists, here is the original Ultravox video.

Love that 'stahce, Midge.

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  1. Ooof!! Russell Mulcahy's godlike video for "The Voice." Does it get any better than this? Does over the top slick brilliance ever get any better? No! Videos and songs like this just added to the immeasurable sheen on 1981 in my life. I vividly remember the weekend of my 18th birthday in 1981. That week, new albums by Ultravox (Rage In Eden), Gary Numan (Dance) and John Foxx (The Garden) were released and I bought them all on the same day.

    The same day!!!!!

    Confronted with such simultaneous sounds now, I would surely burst into flames!

    Also released around this time were albums by Japan and Simple Minds, that figure heavily in my "1981 was the best year for music" theory, though I would not come to hear those groups for a few months longer.