Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the performance and the party

If you're a hardcore, Pet Shop Boys fan you know they've written a song for Dame Shirley Bassey called "The Performance Of My Life". It will be included on her forthcoming longplayer, "The Performance". The album, her first, full, studio album in over 20 years, has been produced by Grammy Award winning producer, David Arnold, and features an array of top songwriters including Gary Barlow, Rufus Wainwright and PSB.

Apparently, it's DSB's favorite tune on the entire album. In interviews, she's been telling everyone she wept when she first heard it. Bless her heart. Pass the Kleenex.

If you want to splash for something special, pick up the deluxe version of the album which includes eight, exclusive collector's prints from the Dame’s recent photo shoot with Mary McCartney, all neatly packaged in a specially designed box decadently embossed with Dame Shirley Bassey’s logo in gold. She is one, classy dame, indeed!

Thanks to the lovely people over at Popjustice for alerting us to DSB's emotional and heartwarming performance from the Electric Proms which was broadcast on television in the UK recently.

The first few minutes are very sweet. Gracious and lovely. We raise a glass of champers to Ms. Bassey!

It's a bumper crop for PSB fans. Next week will see the release of "Party", a compilation of PSB tracks which have featured prominently in many Brazilian soap operas. Therefore, the collection will only be released in Brazil. But for a limited time, it will be available in the shop on the Pet Shop Boys' official website.

The tracklisting for "Party" is as follows:

1. West End Girls (1o" Mix)
2. Love Comes Quickly
3. Paninaro (7" Mix)
4. It's A Sin (Disco Mix)
5. What Have I Done To Deserve This?
6. Always On My Mind (Extended Dance Version)
7. Domino Dancing
8. It's Alright (7" Version)
9. Being Boring
10. Go West
11. Before (Single Edit)
12. New York City Boy
13. Home And Dry (Radio Edit)
14. Minimal (Radio Edit)
15. Love Etc.
16. King Of Rome

Interesting to note that it includes two tracks from their current longplayer, "Yes". I love the brightly colored sleeve which has caused me to have a craving for Skittles.

Also, a little bird chirped in my ear and told me PSB will have a new EP "in the shops" at the beginning of December ahead of their UK tour dates. Just keep it hush between us.


  1. And will there be something really new, like for example Beautiful People Vinny Vero remixes ?

  2. @fabricepsb - I cannot confirm or deny the release of my remixes at the moment. :) I have had to be patient along with many others. Without sounding like a broken record... Stay tuned!

  3. I really love that cover pic, too. Great tracklisting, great artwork, one of my favorite bands... argh, I may have to plonk down the dough for it after all!

  4. M-I-N-I-M-A-L Minimal, Minimal...

    Dusty Springfield, DSB, Liza Minnelli, etc.

    The reason why the Pet shop Boys are SO easy to admire is that they wear their influences and inspirations right on their sleeves. Along with that, they truly understand the perpetual nature of music by supporting and pushing artists such as Lady Gaga, MGMT, Brandon Flowers, Rufus Wainwright and continually supporting their original influences and inspirations.

    This isn't some phenomenon or rarity in the industry, but it is something that needs to be pointed out. In my personal opinion, the only other person in the league of Tenant and Lowe as far as song writing is Martin Gore (especially when he actually sings- Home anybody? That track could bring tears to ANYBODY'S eyes).

    Producer wise, I don't think one can hold any 2 individuals higher than Nile Rodgers and Trevor Horn.

    However, I guess it's hard to avoid generalizations and hyperbole laden, loaded statements when we talk about music close to our hearts. Lots of great songwriters and producers out there and I respect them all.

  5. @Moogaboo - Awesome and well thought out comment. I love it! Sounds like we're on the same page. Nile Rodgers and Trevor Horn are two of my favorite producers!