Wednesday, August 14, 2013

a brown apple

V V Brown, she of "Shark In The Water" fame, is finally resurfacing after she scrapped her sophomore longplayer, "Lollipops & Politics", earlier this year. In it's place with be "Samson & Delilah", an independently released album after she ditched her major label deal.

"The Apple", the second single from the forthcoming elpee, is a dark and brooding affair. Clearly, V V wanted to explore a direction that didn't require her to rent a rapper or live on the frothy foam of pop's fickle finger.

And the video is quite a departure, as well. It's the second part in a series of five clips, all of which will be unveiled throughout the campaign of "Samson & Delilah".

Ooh! She's gone all cryptic and arty. Visually and sonically, it appears she's channeling Grace Jones. Very interesting. Let's see where she goes with this.

"The Apple" will be available from all fine digital retailers on August 25. "Samson And Delilah" will hit the "shops" on September 8.

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